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We have a passion for creative ideas and believe in our customers success. We provide web design services globally to a variety of clients.

Webflow Development

We offer expert Webflow Development to create the ultimate online website experience for your customers. This includes enhancing your website's search ranking and load speed, as well as providing you with the flexibility to effortlessly manage and update content as needed.

Website Design

We take a clear and efficient approach to web design. Understanding what makes your business special—your brand, your products, and how you interact with your customers is key to your success.

SEO Campaigns

We provide search engine optimisation campaigns and management, with comprehensive results. This includes website audits, competitor analysis, keyword and content, backlinks and reporting.

Digital Strategy

Having a website for your business is just the start of reaching your goals. We highlight key integrations with services that can boost your business, helping you save resources, costs, and time.


Having a strong, original brand can greatly support your success. We create new logo's, social media presence, and style guides. Ensuring consistency with your brand promise, message, and values.

"Chris is super responsive, reliable, friendly and really efficient. With any website updates needed Chris was always professional and ready to take on the task. We've also valued their creative input and consistency.”

Adi Hristov

Marketing Director

"We worked with Chris to create a website to sit along side our new app ttagz. Chris was great to work with, always available and produce great work. Would for sure work with him again!"

James Laden


Chris from River Bear Creative was incredible to work with. He helped my team migrate our website from a custom coded build to Webflow, and he 100% made the experience the best it could be.

Ashley Hoy

Expat Housing Network

We use River Bear Creative for updates to our website that we are unable to complete ourselves. They are very responsive, helpful and efficient.

Lynsey maxwell

Peck Catering


Find answers to frequently asked questions.

What is your design process when building my website?

With experience, I have developed a process that can be strategically applied before designing your website.

Research and DiscoveryI get to know you and your business to understand what you need from your project. By collaborating with you and your team I can then plan the next steps of the project.

Digital Strategy & Concepts
I will provide an actionable set of objectives which will provide clear guidelines of what is required and enable us to complete the project efficiently and so that you can track the project too. I will then mock up your site (wireframe) and get your feedback to establish the foundations of your project.

Develop and Build
We review the mockups to ensure the site will deliver against your objectives and your vision is met. I provide feedback throughout the build process whilst also ensuring the site works on all devices

Launch and Aftercare
The final design is tested in a staging environment. Once live, I ensure the website can be found displaying across google, indexed correctly and linked with all your social media. I also offer additional aftercare support, including fixing any errors, help building traffic and providing analytics.

How long will it take to build my website?

Every website is individual to the project scope, timeline and deliverables. After the initial research and discovery call a detailed proposal will outline timelines, responsibilities and features so it is completely clear what is expected. With feedback, you will also be updated of any issues that could effect the timeline.

For illustration purposes a sample marketing website for a small business could span over a 3-4 week period from the research and discovery phase to launch. Please email for a quote relative to your project.

We have some technical questions - about hosting, SEO and backups?

Providing a website design is only one aspect of the work, I understand the importance of choosing the best tools to build and serve your website.

The use Amazon Web Services which provides support to millions of sites, at scale, with efficiency. Content is delivered in milliseconds by Fastly. HTTP/2 and SSL are included, ensuring your site is secure and loads as quickly as possible.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
I give you control of the SEO, with tools to mange metadata, publish XML sitemaps and easily complete 301 redirects for replacement pages. I work with you to implement the SEO foundations for your content including H1 to H6 headings and Alt text for your images.

I offer the ability to backup your site to the orignal version so that you have the peace of mind your website will always be available. Additionally we can implement requested backups before a big change, which is included in our aftercare support.

What is the cost of a typical website?

Every website is individual to the project scope, timeline and deliverables, the pricing reflects these points. A detailed proposal is provided after our initial research and discovery call. All proposals are priced on a fixed cost basis unless the project is of a dynamic nature.

For illustration purposes a sample marketing website for a small business spanning over a 3-4 week period would cost between £1500 - £2500. Please email for a quote relative to your project.

Can you build into third party applications?

During the research and discovery, I recommend how we can implement third party applications that you may already use or perhaps new ones that will help save time and resources. I work with many types of applications to enhance your website, including e-commerce, memberships, bookings, social media, CRM's and many more.

What training/support do you offer?

When I build you a website I believe this is the very beginning of the relationship and I can be there to support your business. The aftercare support offers technical knowledge, revision edits, fully managed hosting and training. My tools have been selected for your simplicity but I believe that my experience will help improve what your website can achieve for your business, helping you to grow.

What is SEO

SEO is an acronym that you may have heard many times before. It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the method of which a website can increase it’s visibility on a search engine when users search for relevant words and questions. By working on the range of keywords that a user may search for, you will begin to see an increase in organic traffic. This is visitors that come from Google’s natural listings, rather than paid ads.

How long does it take to start seeing progress?

In around 3 – 6 months you should be able to see your website steadily climb search engine rankings. We’ll be aiming to reach the first half of Page 1 of Google, but it could take a little longer to reach this ideal position.

The time it takes for each site to move position can vary depending on several things, including whether you’ve had any SEO done before, how much competition you have and where you’re currently ranking.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO works by optimising your website to rank higher on search engines. Google uses over 200 factors which allow the algorithms to rank websites based upon the relevance and authority of a site or page.

To succeed in SEO, I ensure that your content is the most relevant for specific keywords and queries. We make checks to confirm that your website is seen as a trustworthy source.

Is SEO expensive?

SEO is often hailed as the most cost-effective marketing you can do. The investment made in carrying out SEO could see you generate so much more relevant business enquires and, in turn, revenue.

The cost depends on where you site currently ranks and other matters relating to the site. Please email and I’d be happy to review your current site and ranking position to provide a proposal and costs for improving your SEO.

Does My Business Need SEO?

In short, yes, your business should be investing in SEO. It’s a pivotal marketing tool in increasing traffic to your site and growing your business. If your site is ranked high organically, it won’t matter how many clicks you receive, this won’t increase what you’re paying – especially when you compare this to Pay-Per-Click.

By sitting at the top of search engines, you’ll benefit from a stream of organic traffic that you’ll enjoy 24/7. Organic searches are responsible for 53% of total site traffic; so, no matter what type of company you are, local, online or a global business, there’s no getting away from the need to pay attention to your SEO strategy.

What makes you different to other SEO companies?

You have probably received multiple emails or calls relating to improving your SEO. It’s something that you hear about frequently from marketing companies across the world, and for good reason - as I’ve discussed in my other FAQ’s, it’s a vital and effective tool to grow your business. However, unlike other SEO offerings, I will work closely with you to get to know your business and I am confident in getting results. I will be transparent in my methods and deliver reports detailing your traffic and results.

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